Modern houses in Gdansk area, idyllic views lakes and forests

New house near Gdansk PolandSmall modern house GdanskModern house in red brick

3 modern countryside houses near 3-city

Inspired by the landscapes of north Poland landlakes we are creating 3 modern new houses in a picturesque glacial valley in Wieżyca, Gdańsk area. Each house was individually designed by young local architects. They are all simple and traditional in form while modern solutions were added to ensure comfort, efficient and environment friendly heating. The key idea was to preserve the natural character of the place and keep in line with traditional architecture of the region, while creating comfortable space for modern life.

The first house

The first house was built on a large plot of 2900 sq. m. It has been already sold.

One of 3 modern new houses in Gdansk area, North Poland

The second house – black modern barn

The owner of this new house will enjoy a plot of 1500 sq. m.

Modern new house Gdansk area - for sale

Simple bran-like form is complemented by large windows, which open to the surrounding views of hills and forests bringing in a lot of sunlight. The construction of the roof was designed to allow barn-like shape of the ceiling inside while ensuring high energetic efficiency. The height of interiors ranges from 2.6 m along the longer external walls to 4.2 m in the central part of the house.

Key advantages of this modern house:

  1. Big windows opening to spectacular views of nature.
  2. Modern heating solutions ensuring low cost in winter season.

View details

The Black Barn house designed by MIDI (selected details)

Floor plans

Cross-section – I really like the shape of ceiling in this one – high enough to look great and expose ventilation pipes etc. but still reasonable in terms of cost of construction, heating, cleaning, acustics, safety, etc..



SHED – this is not included in the building permit but requires a separate notification of small construction with local authorities (not a big deal).

Selected details – designed by MIDI Architects to prevent thermal bridges and air leakage for energy efficiency and comfort.

Underfloor heating  – nice!

Ventilation with energy recovery.

The Black Barn building on the map


The third house – red brick forester’s house

Looking for a regional inspiration to settle well in this place, we have chosen a red brick forest house as the main inspiration for this new building. It is typical for north Poland.

The owner of this new house will enjoy a plot of 1300 sq. m. with a spectacular view of the valley and hills around:


Modern new house Gdansk - leśniczówka na sprzedaż


Communication – how to get to Wieżyca

Wieżyca can be reached by a suburban train. New line operated by SKM operator connects Wieżyca directly with Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. There is also a direct connection with Gdańsk airport. The train journey from Wieżyca to the airport terminal takes 30 mins. Our new houses are 5 mins walk from the station.

See a map.

PKM Wieżyca wjazd pociągu SKM